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Artistic experimentation for the 2019 edition of the « La Mélée Numérique » festival in Toulouse. This creation deals with the subject of the media and the evolution of these.
When the alliance of sound and image seduces the public: the television news marked an evolution in the means of disseminating information.
Television becomes a « pillar » in the daily routine of French people, while the written press is consumed.
Even if the written press laid the foundations for the presentation of information (the synthetic way and the theme was taken up by other media such as radio, then television), this new medium has upset habits and this is part of the way to get information, to the detriment of paper journals, which are gradually fading.
The best known and most used social media in the West are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
Even though TV stations are using social media to their advantage, and vice versa, younger generations tend to abandon television for a more accessible, fast and on-demand media.
The Instagram « like » symbol represents social media interaction.


La Mélée numérique


Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic


Canon 60D and Lens 50mm